Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How does a married man deal with flirting?

What if a married man talks to a rather attractive woman down the block. What if she is kind of flirtatious to him? You know, very friendly ect... How does he handle this? Maybe I am flattering myself. I did mention my wife today. I asked her for her help in something. Maybe that's not a good idea. I has to do with diet. She works in the field.How does a married man deal with flirting?
Keep it professional or ignore it. Don't give her any mixed ideas.How does a married man deal with flirting?
Umm are you trying to tell us that you are a little over weight and that the lady on the next block is flirting with you and now you want to lose a little weight because you like her flirting. Well since you are married, if you can, how about now going near that womans block.I know you like the flirting but it will only lead to head aches. I mean I know if feels good that another woman finds you attractive and there is nothing wrong with that but make sure that flirting is as far as it goes or this time next year you will be asking us where can you get a divorce lawyer.When the lady flirts just say ';Thank you'; and keep walking. Don't saying something like, yeah you are looking good yourself. This will only encourage her and she will think that you are interested.
If a man truly loves his wife then no matter what flirtatious woman

comes along, he will ignore her and put her in her place. Had an

experience with a woman that was a friend of my wife, and we all

went dancing, and while dancing she told me how much she likes the

way I treated my wife and wanted to know if I could give her some of

that treatment as she liked me, and I put her in her place by saying

that I love and respect my wife and no other woman could change

that, and having said that needless to say she was ready to sit

down. She even asked me if I had a girlfriend as that would not be

anythng wrong to have one, and I told her again that I was not into

that.So a true man to his true woman can put other women in their

When I was married and this happened, I would immediately bring up my (ex) wife in the conversation immediately. i.e.:1. ';Can I ask you a question? I am blessed to have the most wonderful wife in the world. I bought present and it's a necklace do you think she'll like it?; or 2. ';I can't wait to get home, my wife and I are going out to dinner and dancing.'; Just anything that makes clear that: you love her and you feel lucky to be with her. It never failed and I made my point clear that I was not interested without being rude. I had one woman after I said that put her hand on my leg (we were sitting at work) and ask if I could join her for lunch. I responded, ';thanks but I'm going to eat this afternoon, my wife makes a delicious meal';. She got the idea.

The key is if you don't open the door even a crack you don't have to close it or worry about it opening any further.
if my husband feels a woman is hitting on him he can get pretty rude about it. a cashier once told him how cute he was in street clothes (she usually saw him in work clothes) and he snapped at her that he is married. and he yelled at a girl at the bar for pinching his butt.

i would think your neighbor of course knows your married, so if she seems to be too friendly or flirtatious i would not be around her anymore. and if you really want her help with the diet then i would have her over when wife is home to keep the woman at bay. whatever you do it's best not to hang out with this woman alone. and you should perhaps talk to your wife about it.
I have a few women that flirt with me on a regular basis, I tell them I am happily married but am flattered but that I know a person that is single and would be a good guy for her and try to set them every time.
What you are not going to eat, do not smell. If you are not interested, leave now and let her know immediately
answer Your own questing how do you deal with someone flirting with you
Do what I do give her sex

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