Friday, August 20, 2010

How can i keep my love from another girl?

now adays men flirt a lot of girls with my lover it make me very mad i love him but i dont know how to keep him with me foreverHow can i keep my love from another girl?
If you are worried about HOW to keep him........maybe he's really not worth keeping.............How can i keep my love from another girl?
Ive never had this problem with men. You are the one who decides how you will be treated. If a man really loves you, he will NEVER flirt with another woman or give you cause to be jealous. If you are with a man who likes to do these type of things, then I feel sorry for you because he will never be yours. Do not sell yourself short, dump him and find a real man who will cherish you.
Sounds like you mean well for him. 99.99% of relationships go through some sort of rough trial period where you find out if the love is true by some test of faith through temptation. Your bond is strong if the two make it through wihtout falling for other parteners. You can't controll the will of a man (or woman), basicly you have to put your trust in that person and hope that their resolution to be faithful is as strong as your own.
if you love someone then set him free.if its yours then it will come back to you. SIMPLE
treat him like as ur best friend??

u ll get the answers!
You gotta trust him.

If you don't trust him, then you can always chain him to the couch and give him the remote.

The thing is, even if we're with ';the one';, other women don't just suddenly disappear for us.
Be confident. You NEED confidence. Don't let insecurities drive him off. If the love is real, if you're happy, then don't worry about it.
go on a vacation together and make him realize you're the one.

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