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18 + please?

I always have a lot of men flirting with me and telling me I'm beautiful. Some even offer to take care of me and by me things. To be completely honest, I'm not that attractive. Do you think these men think I will have s-x with them, and be grateful because I'm not very attractive. I'm so discouraged. How will I find a true man?18 + please?
First,know that this advice comes from a 50 year old dude who respects women and is glad that you are being careful with these issues.You say lots of men flirt w/you and you think they are just looking for an ';easy piece'; because you don't think that you're attractive.I suspect that ';lots of men'; wouldn't be hitting on you if you were not attractive.Sounds like you are someone like I was in my younger days-someone w/low self esteem.At the same time,I am wondering in what circles are you meeting these men?I mean,do they come from groups of men who typically are pretty much ';just looking for a piece?';Only you know the answer to that.Unfortunately,in this world the majority of men are looking for just that.You ask how can you find a decent man?My suggestions may sound boring to you but several of my single female friends have taken these suggestions and have pleased w/the results.Places where you have a better chance of finding a decent guy---Church,the library,the supermarket,coffee shops,taking a continuing ed course,joining a club of people with whom you share a common interest,i.e. cycling clubs,extreme sports clubs,civic orgs.,Obama campaign volunteers (I just had to sneek in my own propaganda),hospital volunteers(you might meet a $$doctor$$),just kidding,don't hook up w/a guy just for his money because then you'll be no better than the jerks who are ';just looking for a piece';. So,I hope that these suggestions will be helpful.Good luck,God bless you and just PRECEED W/CAUTION! stage425hnc@yahoo.com18 + please?
If you're not attractive and men ask you out a lot they probably expect you'll sleep with them. Especially if they try to buy you things a lot. To find out go out with the guy, don't except gifts and tell him you want to wait on physical intimacy. The right guy will accept this for a reasonable amount of time.
I would say all men want to get laid, and would think you or any other woman would have sex with them. I bet you're a beautiful woman who has tons to offer... i would just be staright up and don't do anything sexual with any guys for a while.. the key really is patience and don't be judgemental!
Ofcourse they are offerring you things with hopes of getting something in return. If men are always hitting on you enjoy it. I'm sure you're beautiful and most likely since you're in doubt, you're probably very sexually attractive. Big boobs maybe?
While it's probably not true of all of them, I have found that shy guys, the ones that may be too timid to approach a girl they like, have purer intentions than those who are arrogant or try to buy your affection. I think someone like that would appreciate you more as well.
Maybe they find you attractive; seems like this would be a good problem to have. Find one that is honest and genuine and give it a try. You can take it slow to see what his intentions are.
Some maybe, but you will have to trust a little to find out for sure. Don't just assume everyone is out to get you. There are still some good ones out there.(not many, but some) good luck
Call Dr. Phil, please. Either you are attention craved, or have a serious esteem issue.

And you'll get a gift all right... Herpes, and maybe even a baby.
You need to be more confident and don't accept any of their offensive proposals- don't have sex with any one for money.
This is a question that belongs in psychology not etiquette
not with these men obviously, just be patient

Tell them- No Sex.

If they're really interested in you, sex wouldn't be such a big deal to them.
Hmm lets see email me your picture and if I think your goodlooking you just met one. How old are these men? Sometimes older men want to be sugar daddies. thats my email I don't hide
If you get down on your knees, I'll buy you a diamond ring.

I need help with this... Please?

I'm writing a little play thingy for something and basically its about a relationship that gets torn apart because there's this woman that's trying to steal the man from the woman. No real reason I guess, she's just evil like that.

Anyways, I'm trying to make this realistic. I need to know how the woman would go about trying to steal this man. Flirting? How exactly? And what would be the beginning signs of the man to show he's interested?I need help with this... Please?
If there is no real reason, you are not going to have a very interesting or realistic play. Motivation--the reasons people do what they do--is everything in a script. Once you know WHY your character wants to get involved with someone else's partner, you will be able to figure out HOW the character would do it. Is she lonely? Is she jealous? Is she lonely AND jealous? Is she interested in money? sex? prestige? Is she not interested in the man at all, but interested in really hurting the woman? Answer the WHY does this character want to do this, and you will be able to more easily find the HOW.
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  • What should I do about my friend?

    Jus to give a background about our appearances and personalities. I am of Slavic descent, high cheekbones, very pale eyes and pitch black hair cut in what one would call the Cleopatra style. People constantly call me exotic and beautiful. My friend is the typical girl-next-door and she has big boobs - a DD cup. While people refer to me as 'exotic', they treat her like a pair of t*ts on legs. She is bright, quick, witty, great to have a conversation with, outgoing, the life of the party and an extrovert but nobody seems to look past her boobs - men and women alike. We are the same weight but people refer to her as 'hefty' and 'big' and 'fat' because of her boobs.

    Going out with her is a terrible experience because all the men flirt with me whilst they leer down her shirt. I can see that it hurts her a lot because it's been happening to her all her life. It really grates me to her see her treated like that, and she has told me on a number of occasions that she would rather look like me.

    What can I do to take the attention off me and transfer it to her? I'm not someone who is flirty and have often been called an ice queen which makes men even more determined to break past the ice, whereas she is desperately looking for someone who will look past her boobs to the wonderful person who is inside? How can I help her?

    I wish I had this magic wand to make it all better.What should I do about my friend?
    The fundamental paradox is that the larger the boobs, the smaller the brains of the men they attract.

    ';Anatomy is destiny.'; Sigmund Freud said that.

    When I was in the hunt, if I tried for the more attractive girl in a duo, I ordinarily ended up with her friend. Usually the friend was more interesting and fun anyway, so that was fine with me.

    I don't see how you can solve her problem, or why it is your responsibility.What should I do about my friend?
    i know how your friend is feeling as i am usualy classed as the chubby brunett that hangs out with the skinny big boobed blonde. maybe if you dressed a little less than equal to your friend it might give her the confidence to make men look above the chest?

    im not really sure cuz i dont personally no ur friend
    Most gals would die for her kind of boobs! Ask her to ignore the leering ones. Be proud of herself and dress up classy
    well mmm i think that u should try and be a good friend as much as possible and show them wat you are mad of .
    can you im me, maybe we can talk about it

    Possibly dress down? You that is,
    The same thing happens to me. I am 14 and a DD cup. Guys only talk to me about my boobs and many of them try to feel them. They don't actually like me for who I am, just for my boobs. I have been trying to find out for AGES how to distract them, but I can think of nothing!

    The only thing I could suggest is get your friend to wear clothes that don't show her boobs off!

    Hope this helps xx :)

    My overprotective roommates are affecting my ability to have a romantic life!?

    First, keep in mind, I'm a 30-year-old divorced woman, and I live with five older men (2 in their 40's, 1 in his 50's, one in his 60's). I was in dire need of a place to live, and moved in here because we were friends, and they're great guys and I love 'em to death. They have always seen me as a kind of baby sister.

    However, anytime a man flirts with me and they're around, they just seem to be kind of protective. We had some other friends (close to my age) over and were hanging out, and one of them looked at a guy who was flirting with me and said, right in front of me, ';Don't mess with her, she's the baby sister.';

    I appreciate their concern, but how do I tell them I'm a grown woman, and have needs? LOL

    (btw, this isn't something that's a huge issue... i know they just want to see me safe and happy, and I do use this when an undesirable guy is hitting on me, but... you know.)My overprotective roommates are affecting my ability to have a romantic life!?
    One or more of them wants to do you.My overprotective roommates are affecting my ability to have a romantic life!?
    I see you have decided to live in a nursing home very early in your life.

    Married or otherwise taken men who flirt with bartenders....?

    Do you ever stop to think how hurt your wife would be? I wish I had a nickel for every taken man that comes in the bar and flirts-even though he knows I myself am taken and very happy. You can always since a little guilt on their part-then they bring up their partners. I just hate how many men there are out there who disrespect their mates....Married or otherwise taken men who flirt with bartenders....?
    Once a man or a woman is in a relationship that means they are committed to the other person as the only one from the opposite sex to flirt with, love and be faithful to. If someone who is not up to this commitment, then he/she should not be in a relationship until they are ready.Married or otherwise taken men who flirt with bartenders....?
    I am not a guy, but i am going to answer this. I am a HUGE flirt, my hubby is a bigger flirt. Fortunately we are both strong enough in our relationship to see flirtation as being different from a pick-up. I have no doubt in my husband's ability to remain faithful to me, nor my steadfast fidelity to him. We both have close friends of the opposite sex, some we flirt and joke with and some we just are friends with. He has a co-worker that I have very plainly stated to my husband that when it comes to this man I will flirt without shame-he is way to cute, way to funny and a big flirt as well-and also very happily married. I work at a hotel where 75% of our clients are regular guests who are sometimes here for months on end. They are in the oil field business and almost all men. I flirt. My husband knows. We live in a small community and he is a deputy and works with some very attractive paramedics on a regular basis. He flirts without shame with them, but I know that his joking with them is nothing more than conversation. he is not trying to hook up with them, just as i am not trying to hook up with any man I am having playful conversation with. Bottom line, flirtation is harmless, pick-up attempts are not. Flirtation when reciprocated builds confidence boosts the ego and just all around makes you feel a little better about yourself. So if I can make some decent guy feel a little better about himself by smiling and talking in my cute little Texas draw, then so be it, no harm done. And if some girl puts a smile on my husband's face by doing the same, again, no harm done.
    I hate flirting when it's my wife because almost everyone know shes married and they still try and get into her pants!

    And I really get PISSED OFF!
    I do like to flirt it is all part of the fun and games you play when you see a stunning lady behind the bar.It must make you feel good to get all the attention a confidence booster at least.
    And your question is???

    So, guys flirt... If they do, walk away!!! Don't play the game, especially if you are supposedly happy...
    I really do not like flirting and have never done it. I suppose it's ok for singles.
    men like that does not deserve any respect. Once you're hooked up with someone married or not, you lose your flirting priviledges.
    I'd imagine that most of these guys who flirt are trying to see if they can still pull a good looking chick despite being married. Often times I'm sure its them being bored and maybe looking for a fun time, but don't want to go any further than flirting so they flirt with you out of convenience, meaning they're drinking and as opposed to flirting with other chicks in the bar who they might have to actually have to do some work to even talk to they flirt with you instead because you'll talk to them and have talked to them when you get them drinks.
    So the guy flirts...that doesn't mean he wants anything more but friendly back and forth banter...maybe you're in the wrong type of employment if you can't take the ';flirting';. You also might want to learn how to spell...';You can always since a little guilt on their part-then they bring up their partners.'; That makes absolutely no SENSE at all. Get over yourself I doubt half the men you THINK want you would give you the time of day if you weren't serving them drinks in a bar.
    Flirting in a bar, after having a few drinks is not to be considered as flirting ... but having a good time with a woman... joking with her, talking to her etc. It is innocent and live and let live. That is why they employ females as bar girls.

    A couple of questions for any gay people on this site?

    Hi! I've got a couple of queries about male homosexuality, I am purely curious so if you could offer any insight I'd be grateful. I do not know much about the gay world, so if I put my foot in it please let me know, and forgive me!

    OK, firstly; the 'camp', very effeminate gay men. Is this an act, or are they generally like that? I don't mean to offend, but when I meet a gay man who is very obviously camp, I often wonder if they put on the whole lisp/ limp wrist thing, or if they actually don't realise they're doing it.

    Secondly, in a physical relationship, is one man always the man (giver) and one always the woman (taker)? If so, am I right to presume it's the camp guys who play the women? Again, please, please forgive me if I have caused offence.

    Lastly, the cracker! I believe I, myself, might be little attracted towards men. Flirting with men does it for me, but I am not sure about the physical aspect of it. Do I necessarily have to be physically attracted to men? If so, what's the best way to experiment- should I just walk up to someone in a gay bar and say, 'Look, I'm new to this and think I might like look nice, can we, you know, try something out?'

    If it was you I approached like this, how would you feel?

    Thank you for any serious advice, and I truly am sorry if I have caused offence.A couple of questions for any gay people on this site?
    Firstly, no offence taken.

    1. I know several ';camp'; gay men and must admit I have never asked them about it but they are always like it so I guess it is they way they are. Always very friendly and very nice people.

    2. It's not always the camp guy who is on the bottom. There are three categories, (for want of a better way of putting it), Top, bottom or versatile, i think they explain themselves! I'm versatile because I like giving and receiving.

    3. Go for it! Had a guy do that to me in the past and he loved the whole experience and I loved showing him!

    Hope this helpsA couple of questions for any gay people on this site?
    I don't believe the Camp men really try to be what is so obvious. in the second question there is a gay saying that you never know who will turn over first. Some of the effeminate guys are pretty dominate in the bedroom.

    And in the third case I think it would be a good approach. Try it

    Some people think I'm effeminate, but I am just acting like me. I'm not doing anything intentionally.

    Second, it's not always that way.

    Last, do what you feel comfortable with.
    I'm a bisexual guy, and I honestly don't know if the campy guys are for real or not. People can be naturally more masculine or feminine, but the campy guys sort of remind me of vally girls the way they take it to the extreme.

    I don't particularly believe in roles in a relationship myself. I think it would be a little boring to only be on top, or be on the bottom all the time, although myself I prefer bottom, I'll happily be a top. Some guys, are just not into top/bottom, and wont do the other. I also don't see the point in dominant/submissive role in everyday life, the bedroom is fine, but just be yourself in a relationship.

    If you like to flirt with men you are at least bi curious. I would suggest you do just that, flirt, maybe a kiss, you'll know if your into it, and you'll know if your not. You don't need to read a disclaimer to a guy how this doesn't mean your going to have sex with him if you flirt a little. Hope I helped
    Davey don't worry about offending people, because it is quite clear from the way that you are asking these questions you are genuine.

    'Camp' is always difficult because camp does not have to be effeminate, therefore a man can be camp e.g. showy, 'life is a drama', etc, etc without being gay!

    Effeminacy is something that is also a little down to the individual - where exactly do you draw that line? Is it effeminate i.e. to show female traits to be sensitive (for example) to be emotional (e.g. not afraid to cry) or even to be into facial products like skin care, etc(not necessarily make-up)

    Yes there are 'camp queens' who are overtly effeminate (in stereotype) don't care who knows, hears or sees it and can cause offence to those who don't know better. However again I have found some people who are 'like that' to be really witty, a good laugh and as genuine as anyone else.

    So it all comes down to definition - what you are personally comfortable with in terms of how you appear to others and how others appear to you. There are no hard or fast rules, it is what you want out of life. I know plenty of men who have sex with other men, but don't term themselves as gay and men who don't have sex with other who do term themselves gay. It is what they are comfortable with and no one 'demands' because you have some sort of undefined attraction toward men that automatically means you are one thing or another!
    No, not everyone who acts camp knows they do it. But some do put on a show, just to show you who they are. I know I never act like that.

    As far as the man and female thing, it happens A LOT but sometimes 2 men are just men, together. There is no female/male, right or wrong role. It just is.

    ';If it was you I approached like this, how would you feel?';

    2 things: I'd be happy that you came up to me with such ease and bluntness and I would either say, ';Let's see'; and want to talk or say, ';OK'; and we could do things. :)

    Hope I helped. :)

    camp: its for real, but it can get turned up or turned down.

    No, not always one or the other.

    3rd, well, thats a bit forward. Perhaps you should go the same path as you would with a women. That is talk first and see if you actually care to bother. But the fast track might work just as well. Be sure you tell him you are new to this. For some its a real turn on and they will make sure its an unhurried experience.
    Hi, Davey - must admit, I'm a bit camp, but as I'm a railway engineer, tend to sometimes over-state some sort of machismo whilst at work. I'm a mummy's boy, and so was given loads of practise from the age of seven onwards (being half French also does the trick!) but do it almost unconsciously now - but am relaxed with it. I would argue my 'campness' is indeed natural, but have met men here in Manchester, and elsewhere who put it on a bit more than they should, really - just as much as I act all 'alpha male' whilst at work. Could it not be true that most - if not all of us go through life acting. What about the teenagers/young men who put on acts to impress not only each other, but women - as for women themselves. Well!! We all go through life to try and impress - whatever sex we are.

    As for your admiration to men - most gay men would not only see through you, but ask what your 'game' is. You don't say how old you are, but if you're over, say, 30 - then you may have realised a strange feling you used to have years ago has returned - despite you having a wife and children! There are many men who have gone through this - got married, then couldn't continue the act. All I can suggest is you dive into the pool and test your tolerance!
    Well kiddo, you seem to be a direct and pragmatic person. Your thoughts on the dynamics of a homosexual relationship are interesting, but perhaps a bit clouded in the stereotypical behaviors often associated with gay men. I've met some very nice non-gay individuals in my life and have often been told with the utmost sincerity, that I could pass for non-gay. Little did they know that I was secretly clutching my pearls and gasping! But always conducting myself as a gentleman, I take the opportunity to inform as well as educate.

    So, there are some men with preferences to receiving (bottom) or giving (top), but there are also men who enjoy both giving and receiving (versatile).Now, you only get one first time, so put some thought into it. Perhaps you could establish a friendly rapport and get the know the guy. See him a few times and go from there. And do what feels right for both if you. Have fun!

    The camp gay - generally they are just being themselves. The more comfortable a person feels with those around him the easier it is to be very silly and campy. However, it is still 'them'

    Some men flip flop, some men are only top and some men are only bottom.

    Take it slow. No need to rush into anything. I say simply go to a bar and have drinks and hang out and meet people. Get a comfort level before you proceed. Your very honest approach would certainly win points with me.

    You sound like an exceptionally nice guy I am sure you will work this out just fine.
    lol, camp. i just call them flamboyant or flamers, depends on if i like them or not, and it's not always an act

    not always, rarely actually, as both are equals and most ppl are versitile.

    lol, go for it then. just be safe and make sure ur comfortable, and the guy ur with. honestly, i think with that, ull be taken advantage of and may even hurt the other person, as sex does kinda mean something to some ppl. but i think u should at least like them.....

    Would you be suspicious?

    Here's the scenario. Wife is admittedly attracted to older, well-off men. One such gentleman has recently begun flirting with her, offering drinks at his bar (without husband), to take her on rides on his motorcycle, and now in his new Bentley. To this point, she has told me about such incidents. On internet history, I find searches on the gentleman, his business, and then the following in order: How do men flirt?, how do older men flirt with younger women?, cheating if both people are married, why do men say they'll call and then don't, and one other. Should I be suspicious based solely on such a search history?Would you be suspicious?
    Yes, those are signs she is seriously considering doing something more than just hanging out and chatting with this guy at his bar. Keep your eyes open and your wife entertained, otherwise she'll find this other chap way more attractive.Would you be suspicious?
    yes you should considering what you said earlier

    why are they spending so much time together while they are married to other people?

    it can only be because they want to build something out of this sudden friendship

    considering the fact that this woman has always been interested in man like him, there's definitely something there

    the search also proves something
    Just cos ur wife likes to flirt doesn't giv u reason to be suspicious. Flirting is just like fun to some people. So don't jump to conclusions but if u don't like it tell ur wife.Dont blame the old man am sure he's trying to re-live his youth and ur wife indulging him.
    YESSSSSS!!! its very suspicious.... the fact that a guy is giving nice treatment to your wife... i dont think that that man has no bad intention at all to your wife... talk it over with your wife and tell her if you are not comfortable about the issue.
    You shouldn't be suspicious based on what you found on the computer. What should make you suspicious is your wife's interest in Hefner.
    That's tight to flirt with a married person. I would be suspicious. You need to have a talk with her.
    better talk to her, and sort out the issue. Remember trust is always important for a healthy relation.
    yes you should be suspicious
    Uh, YEAH.
    yes i would. totally.

    but i guess you should talk to her first.
    I'd contact Cheaters